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A Time for Mindful Movement, Meditation and Discussion.

Monday, July 11, 2016

M3 on break for July and August.

Because of travel schedules and logistics, M3 will not be holding a monthly meeting for July and August.

We will resume on Monday, September 12th (2nd Monday because of Labor Day) at 7:30pm at our normal location at the Shaw Library.

Over your summer travels and vacations, I would encourage you to think about what I call "mindful minutes."

Find a time when you are waiting in line at a store, waiting for a friend to come, or just waiting for a train or bus to arrive.

For one minute, start at your feet and with slow steady inhales and exhales move from your feet up the body, slowly inhaling and exhaling. If you go slowly it will be only five or six breath cycles. Just bring your attention up from the feet all the way to your head. Your eyes are open, you're fully aware and awake, just breathing.

By taking these "mindful minutes" we are training the brain and the body to be calm and focused. Do it when you would normally reach for your phone to check e-mails, Facebook, or texts for the 100th time.

Just pause, take a mindful minute and then be on your way.

Start doing a few of those everyday and you'll start logging some serious mindfulness time!

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