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Monday, May 4, 2015

21st Century Man

What’s a modern guy to do? We’re supposed to be strong yet sensitive, caring for one’s feelings yet capable for any situation, emotionally balanced and financially secure, and oh, yeah, look good while doing it.

In an interesting survey titled The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into the 21st Century Man, it provides some insight into how other men view their role in society.

One result I did find encouraging and directly relevant to those of us interested in mindfulness and being present.

“60% value personal success with my family, being present so I can be a  good son, husband, father, and/or friend.”

There is also a clear generational difference, younger men are more interested in being present then an older generation. This is good news!

“85% of today’s men feel that they have a clear sense of their role in society. When asked whether it is more important to be a provider or present partner for their spouse and partner, men are split. Younger American men, those 18-49, are more likely to prize being present while older American men, those over age 50, cite the importance of being a provider, representing an evolving shift in male priorities.” (emphasis added)
The other encouraging result is that a strong majority of men valued personal character and integrity over other attributes such as physical dominance.

“68% of today’s men say having a strong personal character and sense of integrity are the most important ways to be a strong man in today’s world. The next most important markers of strength are the ability to provide financially (44%), the confidence to follow his own path (40%), having the emotional strength to deal with stressful situations (37%) and physical dominance (11%).”

You not alone in wanting to be present with your friends and family. This is what we all fundamentally desire and need to feel complete and connected. The more present we are with others, the more we feel enlivened and fulfilled.

Meditation is just one path towards training our mind and body how to be present and fully aware in each moment.

Join us tonight at 7:30pm to continue that training.

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