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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow Castles and Two Year Olds

Building a snow castle with a two year old might be the definition of impermanence. I spent some time building a snow castle with my son yesterday, he carefully carried buckets of snow to me and helped me smooth down the ramparts. We picked pine cones and twigs and placed them in the walls, we had turrets and flags. Yet, within a second of it being finished, before I could even reach for the camera, he had flung himself at the snow and knocked it over. Before I stood up, he was laughing and rolling around in the pile of snow formed from the crushed castle.

I was upset, he had destroyed something we had built. We had worked on it together and then it was gone. Not even a photo to post! But for him, as a toddler, living in the moment, destroying was no different than creating. Knocking it down was as enjoyable as building it up. So we rolled around in the snow and he discovered the fun of flinging snow up into his dad’s face.

We get attached to our snow castles. The things that we spend our time and our energy creating and building. But the principle of impermanence reminds us that everything we see, everything we create, build,  or desire will all be gone.

As we create our resolutions for the next year we need to set goals and objectives for our lives. So set resolutions and goals, but then when you do accomplish them, let them go. We have to plan and accomplish tasks, yet at the same time, anything we accomplish is no more permanent than a snow castle—attacked by a two year old. 

Join us on Monday, January 5th @ 7:30-9:00pm for our monthly men's meditation gathering in meeting room #2 (upstairs) at Shaw LibraryAll levels of practitioners are welcome.

Charles will be leading our gathering this Monday as I'm travelling with family in Sweden.

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  1. You must give careful consideration to meetings before you get started - so use meeting rooms in your own office to talk with your colleagues about how you intend to go about meeting your goals.