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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Voice in My Head Is an Asshole

“I initially wanted to call this book The Voice in My Head Is an Asshole.”

I just finished reading 10% Happier by Dan Harris, an ABC news journalist and anchor about his exploration of mindfulness and meditation.
It got me thinking, am I 10% happier from meditation?
Is that a real number? Not really, which he admits much later in the book, but it’s an interesting thought. How much happier does my meditation practice make me?

Happiness isn't our only metric, and some purists could even rightly suggest that it’s an irrelevant metric. Focusing on my happiness is failing to live in the present moment and is just my projection of a future state. 

Ok, but maybe that’s why I like his alternative title, because that one I can really relate to. The voices in my head are pretty much complete assholes who always seem to have it in for me and somehow seem to know every doubt, problem, insecurity and fear that I might have.

And meditation is the only practice I've found that can start to silence that voice or in Harris’s writing, “It struck me that the voice in my head is still, in many ways, an asshole. However, mindfulness now does a pretty good job of tying up the voice and putting duct tape over its mouth.”

Join us this Monday (and every first Monday of the month) to practice quieting the voices in your head. Duct tape not included.

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