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Monday, July 29, 2013

Awareness to Action

There is an old story told about the process of changing out of our negative habits:

Day 1: You walk down a street and fall into a large hole. You are shocked and surprised and it takes you a long time to climb out.

Day 2: You walk down the same street and fall into the same large hole. You are less surprised, have some memory of this hole and you are able to climb out a bit easier.

Day 3: You walk down the same street and fall into the same large hole. You’re not surprised at all, just frustrated at yourself and you quickly get out of the hole.

Day 4: You walk down the same street, but walk around the hole.

Day 5. You walk down a different street.

For many areas of my own life, I feel stuck like a bad Groundhog Day rerun on Day 3. 

I know there’s a hole and yet I walk into it again and again and again. Even when I occasionally make it to Day 4, tiptoeing around the hole, it’s still there, just waiting for the next day. Day 5 rarely seems to come.

The challenge is taking our awareness and turning it into action. A first step might be to start with noticing and even tracking your daily habits, both positive and negative.

Some friends and I are taking a 28 day challenge to track one specific aspect of our lives, maybe your food, drink, finances, sleep, exercise, meditation, etc. Any aspect of your life that you want to become more aware of and then shift that into action.

I'll provide updates (and even some reviews of useful tracking apps) as we go through this experiment. 

So if you keep reliving Day 2 and 3 over and over, start by increasing your awareness of those habits and then maybe at some point, we’ll meet up over on a different street.

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