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Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year, new direction and new location:

I have been putting of writing this note as I was hoping that I would  be able to find an alternative location for the January M3 meeting tomorrow night.
However, I have not. Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the Jan. meeting.

For the foreseeable future, the MLK library is no longer available as a meeting location (at least until after April).
I am currently in discussions with two other locations in the downtown area and will have a new location resolved by February’s gathering (2/19).
While I do have two potential places, if you have access to a place that would let us use their facilities for free and is metro accessible in the downtown DC area, please let me know.

A few changes for the new year that will be coming out soon:
     a new and updated blog (with more regular of mine and other guest postings)
a new meeting location
new access to resources for men interested in meditation and/or yoga
opportunities to focus your goals through smaller gatherings
expanded outreach and links with other meditation groups
AND finally, the greatest change for me personally is that I will be a father in March. My partner and I are expecting a baby boy, due March 13th.

Perhaps we misunderstood the Mayan date of 12/21/12, it wasn't the ending of the world, just the ending of an old way of life, 2013 is all about (re)birth!

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