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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Failing Mindfulness 101

Sometimes the only course is to admit a mea culpa and move on.
My lack of mindfulness caught up with me this month.
I have an unexpected meeting out of town today and was so caught up in last minute planning and prepping for that 'big' work meeting...that I forgot about the M3 meeting.
Guess I'll have to keep working at this mindfulness and meditation thing for a bit longer.

No matter how long we've practiced, a few months or a few years, there are always life events just waiting to knock us over and remind us of our failings.

I apologize to all.
There will be a June M3 meeting.
Prior to that gathering, I would be very interested in gathering informally with those that are interested to discuss ways to expand/modify/change/rework, etc. the M3 idea in a way that makes it most relevant to helping men to meditate. Send me a note if you're interested in talking.

May we all take a moment today to pause, breath, and quiet our minds...I know I need to!

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